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Referral Letters - GOSPEL



Hello Gavin & Trudi,


In appreciation of your ministry, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage others to invite you to their church/club/event so that they may also enjoy your gifts and God-willing, support your work. 1 Corinthians 15:58


"An experience of deep and delightful worship" is how I would describe two hours invested in embracing the ministry of Gavin Chatelier & his family.


Beautiful songs with strong lyrics and insightful lyrics coupled with Gavin's velvet voice, this "father who songs" as he refers to himself 'not an artist", has a powerful God given gift which captivates his listeners and further, gently invites a closer walk with Jesus in worship & reflection.


As soon as I heard Gavin singing his intro song, "Three Wooden Crosses"...I knew we were in for something special. This was going to be a Church Service with a difference.


I found Gavin's ministry relaxed, inspiring, challenging and refreshing - like a heaven sent breath of fresh air. His engaging style invites listeners to spontaneously join in. Clapping and foot -tapping come easily when listeneing to his music.


Sharing his family story within the presentation of beautiful music adds insight into Gavin's dedictaion and commitment to Christ and God's call upon his life. In some songs, with Jotham, Isaiah & Grace harmonizing with Dad on vocals, and Trudi (Gavin's wife) at the sound controls, it is evident this is a real family affair. When you see them minister together, and realize they are a traveling band of Jesus' disciples spreading the Good News in song and word, it makes you want to support them.


Songs like "One Day At A Time" and "We Shall Not Be Moved" drew the congregation together in a whole new experience of worship enjoyed by all. God has anointed Gavin to make worship in song and music as natural and easy as breathing. A brief gospel message had an impact with its simplicity.


Spiritual depth and light are the essence of these "easy listening" songs, many of which are Gavin's own compositions. Particularly impacting for me was the difference "The Family Bible" embraced within family life, would make in our world. Also significant, the dynamic 'Somebody's Praying Me Through"...O how many lives could be transformed if each of us Jesus' followers took this task to heart! So many songs of sacred message...I want to hear I bought some CDs.


I encourage Christian worshippers in any and all churches to invite Gavin Chatelier & his family to come & bless your church with a deightful and powerful experience of corporate worship. Inspirational!


Indeed a true blessing for all music lovers.


They're good ....really good! I am hoping to see them back at our church one day soon.


Marion Dooley


Salvation Army Tweed Heads





Gavin Chatelier & his wife Trudi presented a fund raising concert for Kairos during the Country Music Festival held in Tamworth during January 2015. We have had many glowing reports about the way the gospel was presented in song with the love of Jesus shining through.


The audience felt they were part of the concert with many joining in as Gavin sang. The hall was packed and I am sure the feeling was "Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!"  Those who attended were very much engaged the whole time and were very generous in their giving to help "KAIRO'S" ministry in ther New England area. 


We were honored to have Gavin share on a personal level showing us how much his Chritsian walk means to him and his family and the way they live their lives.


We personally and the committes as a whole, are thankful for the time and effort Gavin & Trudi put into the concert. God has blessed us in so many ways as we continue to serve Him in this ministry. This concert was one of the very special blessings.


We have no hesitation in recommending this ministry to others.


God's blessings,


Graham & Faye Barwick

Secretary, KAIROS 





Dear Gavin and family,

Thank you for coming to our church in Pukekohe last Sunday morning.  I can't tell you what a blessing you were.  I know we are small so thank you for choosing to come to us.

At home I would love to listen to christian music but I find I don't like most of the cds and don't enjoy the christian music stations, I guess I'm fussy about music.  Well now, since I bought two of your cds I am loving them and have played them over and over.  I think the thing that struck me most was your sincerity.  I came home and told my husband all about the morning.  He is quite anti church things as hates showmen and being preached at.  I loved how, despite your raw talent, you are not show offy and have genuine hearts.  So, am loving your music and even my husband didn't mind listening.


Helen, Pukekohe Salvation Army.





To Whom It May Concern,


I have known Gavin & Trudi Chatelier & family for approx 7 years and I have been blessed by their integrity & ministry.


They have been able to adapt to all kinds of congregations and denominations very easily and have not once compromised the Gospel.


I commend them to any part of the body of Christ.


Yours in Jesus


Stuart Hamilton (Major)






Dear Gavin & Trudi,


Thank you for your leadership & ministry that you gave to The Salvation Army Community Church. It was great to arrive back from holidays and hear about the excellent service that your family lead in our absence.


Your testimony to God's love and guidance offered much hope and inspiration to our church.


Darren Elkington (Captain)





General Conference

World Headquarters



To Whom It May Concern,


It was a great joy to work with Gavin Chatelier & his entire family in our Discoveries ’07’ evangelistic series in Melbourne, Australia. Gavin’s music has a unique sound. It is an accessible down to earth winsome style that touches hearts. The uplifting spiritual quality of the music moves people. Even our secular audience deeply appreciated the authenticity of the Chatelier family’s songs.


Gavin sings not only form his lips, he sings also from his heart. When his smiling children join him it brings inspiration and joy to the entire audience. The loving family presents christianity in such an attractive way that audiences throughout Australia are moved.


I am confident that our church will be blessed with the soul - stirring, life changing testimony and music shared by Gavin Chatelier & his family.


Sincerely in Christ



Mark A. Finley

General Vice President

SDA church




Sacramento, CA


To Whom It May Concern,


I am happy to recommend Gavin & Trudi and family to you. Their testimony and songs blessed our church family and we would have them return again.


They are personally dedicated to sharing God’s love through testimony and music. Gavin’s original songs will bless you as well as the old time favorites. Their music is spiritually uplifting & happy. The children just glow with happiness when they sing.


They present a varied program of songs and testimony and they are a wonderful witness to family values. All ages are blessed by their program.


Yours in the Blessed Hope,



Pr Doug Batchelor 

Senior Pastor





To The Brethren Everywhere,


I would like to personally recommend Gavin Chatelier & family to you.


They have a wonderful ministry unto The Lord Jesus.


They bring a mixture of Contemporary Christian Music, Family, Values and the Holy Spirit that blesses the hearts of those who hear.


We have had them minister at our church on more than one occasion and each time they have delivered a vibrant & relevant message.


Gavin’s voice is world class, but don’t underestimate the children’s part in this ministry. The children will delight the hearts of your people as Gavin ministers to their hearts with Word and song.


We have monthly guests at our church and usually have love offering. The largest offerings have been for Gain & family. Just another indictaion of how the people are blessed by Gavin & Family.


If you give them opportunity to come to your church, you will be blessed and will have them back.


In Him


Pastor Ken Robillard

Calvary Chapel Roseville, California





I have know Gavin Chatelier and his ministry in music for some three years now, and I have no hesitation in recommending his ministry to any Adventist church or minister.


Some three years ago he & his family presented a church program and concert in the Griffith SDA church, in SNSW Conference, of which I was pastor at the time.


Today, he presented a special church service in music, and an afternoon concert, in the Orange Adventist church, where I am now located. It has been a high day for my district, with my other two churches (Bathurst & Manduama) combining with us in Orange for the occasion, together with a number of visitors.


In both locations, his ministry was greatly appreciated. Many members stayed to chat, and a number expressed apprecaition to me that we had the priviledge of hosting him. His style can be variable, and he is flexible if a congregation has particular prefrences or requiremnets in that respect.


I have found his ministry Christ- centered, Bible based, and a strong emphasis of the gospel message in the Bible.


May God bless you,


Pr Colin Richardson


District Pastor

Orange, Bvathurst and Mandurama

South New South Wales Conference 




Healsville, Victoria


To Whom It May Concern,


It is my pleasure to be able to commend to you "The Chatelier Family Singers."


Gavin, Trudi & their seven children ministered in music & song in our main Sunday morning service and brought a bright worshipful spirit into our gathering.


The quality of their music was excellent as they shared in both traditional and original songs. It was especially touching to hear the children bringing their own items demonstrating their commitment to this wonderful family ministry. The whole family conveyed genuine enjoyment in this calling God has given them. Gavin’s sharing of the families testimony flowed easily amongst the songs and underlined the message of Gods love & faithfulness to us in Christ.


From my first phone contact with Gavin, the Chatelier’s were so humble and easy to work with. No “Prima Donnas’ here. They were willing to fit in as we required without any fuss.


On a practical note their use of their own sound system meant we could just sit back and enjoy their ministry without the hassle of sound management.


After the service our people swamped the CD table - with no drumming up by Gavin - indicating the real appreciation of the ministry on the day.


I would have no hesitation inviting them back and look forward to doing exactly that.


Your brother in Christ


John Meadth




Morwell, Victoria


Dear Gavin, Trudi & family,


I write on behalf of the Church Wardens and Parishioners of St Mary’s Anglican Church in Morwell, to sincerely thank you for your visit to our church on Sunday.


There have been many comments about your visit and I am sure that your music and your message together with the loving example of your family have had a positive effect on those who were present on that day.


We at St Marys would have no hesitation in recommending your family minstry to anyone who has an interest and desire to learn more about the “Good News” presented in testimony and song.


We wish you all every success in the future and may God continue to richly bless each of you in all you do.


Yours Sincerely,


John V Guy