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  ‘Only Jesus’ – Music Ministry

  “To uphold and encourage Christ centered families”

Gavin Chatelier & Family 


Before Gavin Chatelier, his wife, Trudi and seven children, took up God’s call to full time family ministry, Gavin had been for most part of 10yrs a singer/entertainer in restaurants and piano bars. After one of his television performances   he received a phone call from well known American country singer, Don Gibson who invited Gavin to tour with him around the world. He was willing to introduce him to other country greats such as, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, along with other big names in the industry.


   “I’ll never forget Don Gibson’s words”…“You could make a lot of money son and someone could make a lot of money managing you!” It was at this same time that Gavin & Trudi experienced God’s calling stronger than ever to refocus their lives and Gavin was convicted to change his direction in his musical career. They had been studying the beautiful themes of God’s word and the truth began to change their lives.

  “You are not your own; for you have been bought with a price... (1 Cor 6 : 19,20)…purchased not with perishable things such as silver or gold but with… the precious blood of Christ.” (1 Peter 1 : 18,19)


  “My ambition to establish myself as a singer/entertainer has been overshadowed by the matchless love and grace of God. My family now has a vision of not only the great value and purpose He places in us, but in every person that is born into this world.” He lighted every person that comes into the world.” (John 1 : 9)


It is with this motivation that Gavin Chatelier and his family desire to share His amazing ‘Good News’ through their “Only Jesus” presentations and family gospel music.


“We believe God has called our family music ministry to a full time interdenominational ministry. Over the years we have traveled throughout Australia, USA, Europe, New Zealand and Asia sharing our family gospel music and testimony in hundreds of churches, of many different denominations; Anglican, Assembly of God, Baptist, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting Church, Lutheran, Salvation Army etc…” 


  With Gavin as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter & his wife Trudi, as executive producer, their ministry has produced 16 CDs, three of their albums; Vol 1-‘Closer’, Vol 4 - ‘The Simple Life’ & Vol 6 - ‘Only Jesus’         containing all original material written by Gavin. Vol 8  ‘Pass It On,’ is the children’s first solo album. Gavin has also produced 5 Classic Love Song CDs. Sales from their CDs and freewill offerings from their concerts and gospel presentations fund their ministry work.


They are joined by their seven children, Jessika, Elijah, Jordan, Moses, Jotham, Isaiah & Grace, who also feature on some of their gospel CDs and some have come to know them as ‘Gavin & The Sparrows!’ They are available to share their family ministry with you. “It is our hope & prayer that we may encourage and uphold Christ centered families through our testimony & song.”



EMAIL (see contact page) or CALL us now to book a date for your church service, function, or event

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Christ

Gavin & Trudi Chatelier



If you would like to hear some sample music please email: [email protected]







* 20 years of Experience - Available for your function, celebration, event...Music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond...


Gavin Chatelier has been a singer, songwriter, speaker, entertainer & recording artist, with his family also singing with him for their special musical concerts & presentations for more than 20 yrs. Gavin began singing in piano bars and restaurants. After a television performance - country music legend Don Gibson (Sea Of  A Heartbreak) rang Gavin and asked him to tour with him offering to introduce Gavin to his friends Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash & other big names in the industry to help him launch his music career. After serious consideration Gavin chose not to take up the offer, because he would have to leave his family for lengths of time. Instead his wife, Trudi, joined him in promotions and management to establish their own brand of music - singing, recording & touring Australia and the world together. Don Gibson’s inspiration encouraged Gavin to begin writing his own songs and to this day he has recorded 12 gospel CDs and 4 love song CDs. His latest release for 2014 is “Strongest Love” - 16 of his original songs. Gavin received from the Gospel Music Assoc. Australia, the Silver Award for his song - Rainbow Promise - a track from his gospel CD - Simple Life. Some of his career highlights are a five month - world music tour with his family which included the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. They have also been part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival - 6th year running and the Tamworth Country Music Festival has been a highlight of their tours where Gavin busks on the street for 8 hours per day - 10 days straight and performs at his shows.




Fees to book Gavin for your function vary according to the following factors.

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   Traveling time & fuel need to be incorporated into the total cost.




Once you have considered the key factors above please call or email Gavin (See Contact page) to check the availability of your date. We can then negotiate a suitable price for your function, celebration or event..



If you would like to hear some sample music, please email [email protected]